One anecdote that I wanted to rise regarding the human need to differentiate himself from others and as part of it, to separate his group from other groups:
All humans are on the narcissistic spectrum, which means — we all feel special for some degree. In the ladder 0 to 10, if a human has a narcissistic tendency of 8 in the spectrum — it means he has reasonable self-love. 10 is pathological, 3 it too little and might imply low self-esteem.
So, the tendency to differentiate ourselves is one of our core characters and related directly to our survival mechanism.

So, now that we come to terms with one of our characters pillar, the question is — what to do with it?

So, in psychology repression of one needs always related to complications and other manifestations of the individual’s psyche.
So, this is not the preferred approach.
There is another term in psychology called sublimation. Which means — address all you want to do in a positive way. That sounds easy, but the reality is that you sometimes need a great deal of creativity to make it happen. for instance — if you are aggressive you can learn martial arts and implement it in sports events. If you extravert and need people around you all the time to thrive, choose a job that involves social interactions.

So, how can we address the issue of the human need to differentiate himself?
Here I think that seeing the world as multidimensional and complicated can contribute to the solution. working on the self-esteem to see the uniqueness of each and look at anybody as a one time craft build to contribute to the world in a certain way. If we teach that one can succeed and good in one aspect of life and the other is good in other dimensions of life. This will keep each one unique but preserve respect for others.
Those life skills should be tout at an early age and have the power to spike healthy motivation and self-fulfillment.
Every change in each individual perspective is powerful enough to impact cultures.


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